M & J Antique Auction

Antique Auctions, Estate Sales and Consignments

99 River Ave.
Eugene, OR 97404

Frequently asked questions

Q: How often do you have an auction?
A: Every 4 to 6 weeks depending on when consignments arrive.
Q: How do I find out when you're having an auction?
A: We have several methods to inform the public when our auctions are scheduled:
  1. Online: We post date and time here on our website with photos of items to be auctioned
  2. Direct mail: we will send a flyer to your home or business.
    To get added on our mailing list you can:
  3. Advertising: we use local and surrounding area newpapers and craigslist.
Q: Who can attend an auction?
A: Anyone, our auctions are open to the public.
Q: Do you offer a preview of items to be auctioned?
A: Yes, we always have a preview at least 2 hours prior to an auction and when advertised, the day before, but you are always welcome to call us for an earlier preview time that meets your schedule.
Q: Does it cost to come to your auction?
A: No, our auctions are open to the public and are free to attend.
Q: Is there a buyers premium or fee to buy?
A: In most cases, No! Unless we advertise a buyers premium there is none.
Q: Is there a minimun price on items you are selling?
A: No, however the auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid which is merely a token bid. It is not fair to the consignor to sell an item when there is no interest in the item.
Q: Are there reserves on items you are selling?
A: In most cases, No! Sometimes a consignor will ask to put a reserve on an item, that means to establish a minimum selling price.

Occasionally we will have a reserve on an item, but if we do, we'll let you know what the item is and how much the reserve is. We do our best to get the most money for our consignors by knowing what we are selling, the condition of the item and the current market value.

Q: How do I pick up items I've purchased at auction?
A: You must pay for your items after the auction, we will give you a receipt ticket, simply take the ticket to one of our staff members and we'll help you to collect your items. If you have to come back later, we are always here the day after an auction or you can schedule a time for pickup with Mike or Jason. If you need help with local delivery, we will be happy to do that too.
Q: How do I consign item(s) for auction?
A: Simply call us for an appointment. We will evaluate your item(s) and give you a conservative estimate of how much the item might sell for and help you to get the item(s) to us.